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youtube for fame
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You can use YouTube for fame. If you’re an independent artist, you’re probably thinking, “If only someone found my music and had the time and money and energy to make me famous.” Well get this: that version of the music biz is OVER!

Today, if you’re an independent music artist, the main thing you should be spending your time on is this: YouTube. Why? Because that’s where everybody is discovering new music artists! You can totally use YouTube for fame purposes.

YouTube for fame is amazing– it’s free to use, it’s worldwide, and it’s quick– you don’t have to wait months to get your music “out there.”

In the old days, singers and/or bands spent lots of time traveling from city to city playing gigs to introduce themselves to potential fans. The problem today is this: there are very few places to play music live anymore. And some of them that are still left charge the musician to play! And insist they bring the crowd in with them. And then complain that not enough people came.

Do you really want to travel the country playing for a dozen people night after night, making very little money? No you do not!

I am friends with the band The Reign of Kindo. They’re not super famous, but they’ve managed to create several quality music albums, do some touring, and enjoy the process of making and sharing music with people who appreciate a mixture of intricate rock and jazz.

The Reign of Kindo did what you should do– they spent their time and money and energy on making YouTube videos. They went into a recording studio where they were filmed (on video) playing their songs live, and then those videos ended up on YouTube.

You know what happened? For some odd reason, lots and lots of people in two countries discovered the band on YouTube and liked them so much that promoters paid the band to come to their countries to do gigs, get interviewed on TV, and have a great time! The Reign of Kindo are popular in Brazil and Japan because of their YouTube music videos.

Having music on YouTube for fame is the best thing you can do as a music maker because YouTube exposes you to a worldwide audience. And because social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine and others exist, that YouTube video of yours can be shared with not just a dozen people, but millions.

We would not know the names Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Gotye, or Psy if not for their astoundingly popular viral YouTube videos. Think about that!

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