Is the Yamaha P115 worth your money?

Is the Yamaha P115 worth your money?

Is the Yamaha P115 worth your money?

Should you buy the Yamaha P115?

Guest Post by Briana Renee

As a musician, an instrument is a necessity. Thus, you have to invest in the best. The Yamaha P-series has some of the best quality digital pianos regarding construction and performance – including the latest model, Yamaha P115.  

To find out if the P115 is worth your money, I will compare it to the other models, P105 and P255.

Starting off with the comparison between P115 and P105, let this war between Yamaha P-series models begin.

P115 Versus P105

Discover the similarities and differences between these two best-selling Yamaha digital pianos. The information below should help you decide wisely.


  • USB Ports for tablets and laptop.
  • Reverb effects for sound persistence.
  • 88 keys.
  • Standard digital keyboard functions: transpose, metronome, record, and split mode.
  • With sustain pedal and music stand.
  • Genuine CF sound technology.
  • Weighted Graded Hammer Standard keys.


  • More connectivity options for P115 than P105. P115 now has iOS compatibility so you can configure and control your digital piano using only your iPad or iPod. You just need to download the Digital Piano Controller app.
  • P115 has more built-in piano styles for accompaniment.
  • 192 polyphony keys for P115, while only 128 for P105. Higher polyphony count means better acoustic piano sound.
  • An additional number of rhythms for P115.
  • Improved CF sound mechanism with P115’s circle speakers, which allows you to hear brighter and more refined sound quality at low frequencies.
  • P115 is more expensive compared to the P105.
  • P115 has the Sound Boost function for excellent sound dynamics and for the sound to cut through an ensemble of instruments.

Judging from the similarities and the differences of the P115 and the P105, can you tell if the P115 is worth your money?

If you are a beginner, still trying to learn the basics of the digital piano, you may try the P105. It has fewer effects compared to the P115 but can still help you build that technique you are aiming for.

As a beginner, your first milestone is to polish your hand and finger coordination and technique. Hence, there is no need to spend extra cash on the P115.

If you want more options, the Yamaha P-series has more to offer. The P225 is also a best seller. Let me compare the P115 to it.

Yamaha P115 Versus P225

The P-series provides you with more digital piano options to match your needs. Here are the similarities and differences of the Yamaha P115 and P225 features and functions.


  • Both have circular speakers for lower frequencies and more genuine acoustic sound experience.
  • Graded Hammer Standard keys that resemble the weighted keys of the famous Yamaha acoustic grand piano.
  • Both have Digital Piano Controller app for iOS connectivity.
  • Genuine CF sound engine.
  • Record option.
  • MIDI in and out is present in both digital pianos because of their USB connectivity.
  • With sustain pedal and music stand.
  • Both have the additional effects such as tremolo, chorus, and phaser.


  • P225 weighs approximately 38 pounds while the P115 is around 26 pounds, making the latter more convenient to carry and transport.
  • The P225 is more expensive compared to the P115.  
  • P225 keys are made of synthetic ivory, with a more authentic touch compared to the P105 and the P115.
  • There are 3 EQ settings for the P225 for each of the three levels of frequencies (low, medium, high). Hence, a more desirable timbre.

This information reveals that the P225 caters to the professional touring keyboardist. If you are not at that level (at least not yet), then the P115 may be a better choice.

The P115 is built for the intermediate and advanced pianist, but this digital piano is already perfect for gigs. It has the Sound Boost that lets its sound shine through a mix of instruments and vocals.

The P225 is just the enhanced version of the P115. If you are looking for a better timbre, then the P225 is probably the best for you.

But practically speaking, all the other essential functions, effects, and controls are present in both. The differences are minimal, so I do not think it is necessary to spend extra cash.

One thing I also love about the P115 most is that it is lighter compared to the P225. Moreover, it is less expensive. Although the more authentic touch that the P225 gives is intriguing, I think it is impractical to buy it.

So is the P115 worth your money? From a perspective of an advanced piano player, I would say yes.

Playing the piano is my bread-and-butter, so as much as possible, I want to purchase an instrument that not only suits my level and style but more importantly, I want it to be truly worth the money.

The P105 is a lot cheaper, but it does not have all the components I need as an on-the-go musician. I have gigs that require good sound quality and broader dynamics.

I would recommend the P105 for beginners and the stay-at-home musicians. But if you are ready to go out and show the world what you got, I recommend upgrading to the P115.

The Yamaha P115 also has a two track recording function, so if you are aiming for that record deal, this is the one for you.

For professional level musicians, especially the ones who are already touring alongside the biggest, world-renowned stars, then I recommend buying the P225.

Whether or not an instrument is worth your money, the decision is still in your hands. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference and of course, budget.

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