See a video for the Wounded Warriors song

See a video for the Wounded Warriors song

See a video for the Wounded Warriors song

Have you seen the music video for the Wounded Warriors song “Miss You” from Breakerbox? I first heard the song a couple months ago. I had downloaded it months before the music video. I was driving along a deserted road in Idaho this past summer when “Miss You” came on the car radio speakers via my iPhone shuffle feature.

It was so honest. The music and lyrics arrested my heart. It was one of those “whoa” moments when you think to yourself, “Now, this…THIS is a song.” It made me want to cry. The song, “Miss You,” was written about the loss of parents. Singer Christina DeNee and drummer Scott Calandra collaborated on the heartfelt song.

Of course, what good is a song if few people hear it? How was Breakerbox, from Buffalo, NY, ever going to introduce “Miss You” to a larger audience than their immediate friends and family? Well, how about teaming up with
the Wounded Warrior Project® for a tribute music video? Making it a Wounded Warriors song means many more people will hear it!

In this day and age when a song can go “viral,” being seen and heard by millions within a couple days, I feel like “Miss You” is going to be the song to put Breakerbox on the map.

The music video features a montage of military service members and their families in various stages of life, including scenes from war zones overseas.

Just like military families miss their dad or mom or grandpa or grandma while they’re serving their country half a world away, Christina and Scott miss their parents. Imagine how your life would be if your mom passed away when you were 10-years-old? That happened to Christina. Or imagine you were a teenage boy, on the cusp of adulthood, when your dad died? That happened to Scott when he was just 14-years-old.

I like to think that people who pass away go to heaven to be with their maker, and that, in some way, they’re able to smile upon us from there… and if I were Christina and Scott’s parents, I’d be so proud of them for not only making music, but putting together a song like “Miss You,” which will inevitably infiltrate the hearts, souls and minds of millions of people around the globe.

So how did “Miss You” go from a song about their parents to a Wounded Warriors song? A mom who lost her son to suicide after he suffered through the horrors of war in Afghanistan was the impetus for the God-ordained connection. That mom had played Breakerbox’s “Miss You” at her son’s funeral. As you could imagine, it was the right song for that moment, and it resonated with everyone in the room.

Christina and Scott decided to approach the Wounded Warrior Project with their song. The hope? That they could show their support in order to help bring peace to families and vets and remind them that they are not alone or being forgotten. Amen to that!

Enough of my words about this… you need to see and hear “Miss You,” the music video, for yourself… and have some tissues handy, please…

To download the Wounded Warriors song “Miss You” via iTunes, here’s the link, and to donate to Wounded Warriors, visit

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