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The Weber Music Blog has changed, though it’s not something you’ll easily see. I decided to take the plunge and move it from to

The main reason I moved the Weber Music Blog over to this new way of doing things was so that I could get really specific about “SEO.” In other words, gives me the opportunity to label things behind-the-scenes such that they’re more search engine friendly. What good is good content if it’s not labelled properly for search engines like Bing and Google to find it?

The Weber Music Blog is like having a whole bunch of books on a shelf in your house. If you don’t organize them well, it’s a lot harder to find what you’re looking for. The same thing goes for the Internet and having your own website(s). I want the Weber Music Blog to be found. I want the amount of users to increase. I want more eyeballs looking at the Weber Music Blog posts and hearing the music posted, too. After all, the point of the blogĀ is to help people discover new music artists they didn’t know. I like doing this, and I like being able to share new music artist news and music with you!

I have been a fan of music artists and music makers all my life. I enjoy a wide variety of styles and genres, so this blog is a unique place on the web to bring a diverse group of people together.

So, the next couple days will be a time of adjustment for the Weber Music Blog as I try and figure out all the behind-the-scenes stuff there is to know, adjust, etc. Wish me well! -Mark Weber

PS) By the way, while I have your attention, if you’re on Twitter, please follow the blog there: This is another aspect of what I do, and you’ll find things on there that aren’t on here.

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