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TweetTWEET TWEET: The Mark Weber Music Blog is very active on Twitter, sharing music links so people can discover new artists and songs from people like you. Want Mark to tweet out your link? As long as your music and related images aren’t profane, he’d like to help you out. For just $5, payable online using paypal, you can enter your link; Mark will get it, post it, and then email you with the link to see it on Twitter. BONUS: Mark’s twitter feed appears on The Mark Weber Music Blog so even more people will see it. Nice!

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BLOG POSTING + MORE: Would you like a 300+ word posting on the MarkWeberMusicBlog website? Then, that link is shared on the Weber Music Blog FB page and the Weber Music Blog twitter feed, too? This is a good way for people to learn more about you/your artist’s music. This service is $50. You can enter your website URL in the box provided. Then click Buy Now to pay.

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