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BLOG POSTING + MORE: Would you like a posting on the MarkWeberMusicBlog website? Then, that link is shared on the Weber Music Blog FB page and the Weber Music Blog twitter feed, too? This is a good way for people to learn more about you/your artist’s music. You can enter your website URL in the box provided. Then click Buy Now to pay.

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FACEBOOK PAGE POSTINGS: Do you have a band page on Facebook or a singer page for you soloists? Have you found it hard to “keep up with it” since you’ve got a million other things to do in life? It turns out I’m good with helping keep FB pages current with postings to engage your audience. So I can do that for you! You make me an admin on your FB page, and then I post various links several times per month on it. I do this for Marsha McWilson; I can do it for you!

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WRITE YOUR BAND BIO: Are you a solo singer or in a band? Do you need some paragraphs describing who you are, why you do what you do, and why people should care? I LOVE writing “band bios.” They are used on people’s websites, and they matter, a lot, because they sum you up in a nutshell. When people, from fans to music reviewers, want to know some key details about an artist, they check their online bio. I can write yours!

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WEBSITE REVIEW: I’ve been connected with Bandzoogle for years and have made websites for music artists such as Marsha McWilson. By day, I get paid to write blogs for businesses, so I’m always visiting websites. I have enough experience by now to judge websites such that I’m willing to review yours! I won’t hold back; if the pictures don’t do you justice, I’ll let you know. If key info is missing, I’ll let you know. If the layout is confusing, I can’t find info I want to know, links don’t work, or whatever else… I will bluntly tell you what needs improvement. If, by chance, everything looks “great,” then I’ll tell you that!

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This one’s a little tricky, because I don’t want to like your FB page if I’m not “feelin'” your music. But, in general, I like a lot of music from a lot of artists. DON’T buy this if you do hip-hop with explicit lyrics/profanity/the F word…DON’T buy this if your music/style involves Satanic/angry/political stuff…DO buy this if the music you make and the graphics/pics/videos you post wouldn’t make a grandma nervous. Okay? Thanks. I’ll “like” your FB music page and add a visitor comment on there with my opinion of your music, too.

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Every little bit helps, right? I am not saying millions will know you if I post your link on my FB page for WeberMusicBlog, but at least a handful will, and for $5, that’s reasonable. Note what I said about FB posts above– no explicit/profane/evil/Satanic/angry/political songs/artists, please. Keep it “PG.”

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TWITTER POSTINGS: If you don’t have time to post on your music-related Twitter account, but you want followers to think you’re active… have me post interesting links for them to see on behalf of… you! In other words, you share with me your Twitter login information, and I log in every now and then during a month’s time to post for you!

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SOUNDCLOUD STUFF: Do you have music on Soundcloud? I will listen to the song you want me to listen to and leave a comment on it, as well as “follow” you.

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