Tweet! Tweet! You want to promote your music? Mark Weber has been actively promoting music artists since the 1990s. Through all of technology’s changes, he has worked with thousands of artists to help them “get the word out.” Now he can help you! (Note: Mark prefers to work with artists who don’t have explicit lyrics or imagery.) Here are services Mark provides:

Tweet your link – $5
I’ll share your link on @WeberMusicBlog to be seen by several thousand followers

The link to share:

Share your link on my Facebook page – $5
I’ll share your link on to be seen by over 2000 followers

The link to share:

Follow you on Twitter – $5
I’ll follow your Twitter account and retweet you on @WeberMusicBlog

Your Twitter address:

Like + comment on your Facebook page – $5
I’ll like your Facebook page and post a positive comment about your music

Your Facebook Page address:

Follow you + comment on Soundcloud – $5
I’ll follow you on Soundcloud and post a positive comment on your latest song

Your Soundcloud address:

Package Deal: All 5 of the above for $20
Like what you see so far? Get everything mentioned above for just $20!

Blog about you on my website – $35
I’ll endorse you on my website ( by creating and posting an article about you and your music. I can include:
*your photo/graphic
*200-300 words describing who you are, your style and what makes you unique
*your best YouTube music video
*your Soundcloud or Bandcamp music sampler
*links to your social media/main site

Critique your website – $50
I’ll review your website for user-friendliness, clarity of content and layout, and unnecessary and/or missing information. Take advantage of my¬†Masters in Journalism and 20+ years of experience in writing for and about musicians.

Your website address:

Write your one page bio – $100
I’ll write your one page bio to impress fans and music reviewers alike. Having read and written thousands of band bios, I know what it takes to sum you up in a clear, concise and interesting manner: who you are, what you do, and why people should care. With a little information from you, I can help present you to the world in a professional, polished way.