Top 10 Best David Bowie Songs

David Bowie

David Bowie had such diverse songs over the course of a long and fruitful career. The Mark Weber Music Blog features Top 10 Lists regarding some of the world’s most popular musical artists. Here’s the Top 10 Best David Bowie Songs…

10) “Tonight” with Tina Turner

9) “I’m Afraid of Americans”

8) “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” with Bing Crosby

7) “Fame”

6) “Changes”

5) “Heroes”

4) “Modern Love”

3) “Let’s Dance”

2) “Space Oddity”

1) “Under Pressure”

Just listening to the variety of songs and styles David Bowie helped bring to the world you get an idea of what an interesting artist he was, right? It wasn’t just rock music. It was pop music, soul music, 1970s glam, 1980s new wave, 1990s industrial, and even jazz leanings…Bowie did what a good rock star should do– keep people interested over time. Along the way he influenced countless other music makers, from Boy George to Lady Gaga, Kanye West to Prince, Patti Smith to Annie Lennox and the list could go on and on. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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