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Joey LawrenceBack in the 1980s I used to see Joey Lawrence on the sitcom “Gimme A Break” trading quips with Nell Carter. Then in the 1990s his catchphrase was “Whoa!” on the hit sitcom Blossom. In the 1990s he had a hit pop song called “Nothing My Love Can’t Fix,” which truth be told was very catchy and a fun song to boot. Since then he had a couple more shows and was on Dancing With The Stars with a shaved (bald) head. And now, for those of you dying for it to happen, Joey Lawrence is returning to the music scene with a new song, “Rolled.”

“My music is all about feeling good,” says Joey Lawrence. “It’s time to get back to having fun.  That’s what I want my music and tour to be about.”

This single was recorded by…drums please… Hannah Montana and Kelly Clarkson famed producer Matthew Gerrard. So it’s gonna be poppy-clubby for sure.

“Joey’s new album is awesome,” says Gerrard. “Radio ready hits that will make you wanna dance.  Bumpin’ tracks and killer vocals!”

Radio programmers can download a broadcast quality copy of Rolled at

Joey’s ability to capture an audience is seen every week on ABC Family as the hit series “Melissa & Joey” premiered as the most-watched debut for the network. The series co-stars Melissa Joan Hart. It’s actually a pretty good show, IMHO. It’s kind of like a “Who’s The Boss?” update. And though Melissa Joan Hart is kind of drippy, I did see her in Rome, Italy filming one of her Sabrina movies back in the late 1990s, so I feel connected to her.

AirPlay Direct, the new way music gets to radio, is proud to deliver the new single exclusively to radio programmers around the globe.

“Joey is an incredible talent with a global fan base,” says Shelly Korolewicz, Director of Advertising for AirPlay Direct.  “He is one of those artists that appeals to all demographics due in part to his great success in his TV and film projects. This is the perfect time for him to return to the music scene and we are proud to be a part of this musical comeback.”

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