The Fuze

The Fuze

It all started with three chords. The Fuze’s dad showed him three chords as a kid, and together they wrote a song. The Fuze was eight-years-old.

Fast forward to adulthood: The Fuze has played many pubs and clubs around London. He’s not only a singer and songwriter, but a producer who plays the guitar and keys as well.

Influenced by greats like David Bowie, John Lennon and ELO, The Fuze has a new single out called “Save Your Life,” off the double album Magic Circus Show. I’m diggin’ it!

Also of note is The Fuze’s cover of The Psychedelic Furs song, “Love My Way.” I think hippies, vegans and creative types will want to be part of The Fuze’s festive tribe.

Get to know The Fuze at his website here. –Mark Weber



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