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Souleye is the rapper Alanis Morissette married

Souleye has earned rave reviews and a passionate following for his rousing and unique style that challenges paradigms and incorporates Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B, and Funk. Touted as “a modern day hip hop warrior,” Souleye’s next highly anticipated full-length album, Wild Man, is set for a mid-spring release. Souleye announces the second single off of his new record entitled “Snow Angel,” featuring Alanis Morissette– his WIFE.

Produced by Crush Effect, the single showcases Souleye’s inimitable musical approach by offering listeners provocative raps and innovative electronic melodies. On the new track, Souleye explores a relationship that continues to torturously twist and turn as each partner attempts to take a break from the other – only to return. The song unfolds when Morissette belts the breathtaking bridge, “You’re my Snow Angel, you spread open wide as we go back and forth.” Laced with seamless loops and electronic glitches, “Snow Angel” is a liberating collaboration between the couple.

Souleye“I have always found my most potent version of service and expression through rap and freestyling,” says Souleye. “I let go and the words course through me in a way that I feel ups my own personal ante.”

In support of the new single, the accompanying music video takes place in a fantasy ice world with an enchanting wintry backdrop. Morissette is shimmering as she wears all white with a silver rose head piece to complete her breathtaking look of a literal snow angel. With complementary masculine power, Souleye is dressed as dark knight with a black iced crown and at times surrounded by the featured contemporary dancers. The choreographed dancers vividly portray the song’s meaning with their subtle storytelling facial and body expressions and movements. Directed by Kyrian Bobeerian, the visual snowy scenescapes create an ethereal and swirling otherworldliness.

“When I first met Souleye, I was a fan. I was captivated by his stream of consciousness brilliance, bravery, imagery and his ability to articulate in such generous and prolific ways. His music touched me on multiple levels,” says Alanis Morissette. “Souleye has a voice like no other and I was a fan who had the great fortune of winning his heart.”


With stratospheric instrumental hooks and uplifting consciousness-raising lyrics, Souleye continues to expand what is available for rap-loving audiences who have a strong distaste for misogyny and patriarchy and yearn for more. The one-of-a-kind artist’s melodic brand of hip-hop and velvet-like vocals pays homage to the genre’s past while blazing a new trail into the future.

Souleye’s musical journey began when he was a teenager in rural Massachusetts, freestyling around a campfire to entertain his friends. His first album, Soul Sessions, released in 2002. Since then, Souleye has released eight studio albums and numerous singles. Souleye has toured extensively with Bassnectar, BLVD and his wife, Alanis Morissette, with whom he has two children.

EARL: Existence After Real Love

Remember that TV show named My Name Is Earl? You don’t meet too many people with that name these days. That said, there’s a new music maker on the scene calling himself EARL, which stands for Existence After Real Love. For the record, he is actually Christopher Earl Mathewson, but it’s just easier to call him that one simple four letter name, right?


EARL taught himself how to write, produce, record and mix music. He generally makes dance music with a hip-hop feel to it. Perhaps what makes him unique– these days– is that he doesn’t use profanity in his songs. He doesn’t want to fit the stereotype that to be popular is to curse in music. Instead, he’s going for an edgy sound that still appeals to a mainstream audience. He cares about being “clean” for even the little ones’ ears.

EARL loves God.

He believes that when people experience God’s real and unconditional love for them they’ll find their purpose for being on this earth. It’s a message he doesn’t mind communicating to an audience because he thinks the world needs to hear that.

To get a taste of what he can do, listen to “Fire The Fuse.” The single is being pitched to nightclubs around the world. Fans are falling in love with the intense beat of “Fire The Fuse,” and even MTV has taken notice, calling him a new “Artist To Watch” this year.

Other songs to listen to include “Restless,” “Release The Hold,” and “Crushed Diamonds,” which are on the artist’s website. To find out more about EARL, including information about his EP and tour, please visit www.EARLofficial.com.