Songs with Hey in them

songs with hey in themSongs with hey in them are popular. When you want a hit song, use the word “HEY!” I am enjoying a 2011 song called “Little Talks” from the Icelandic band “Of Monsters and Men,” with it’s shout-it-out use of the word “HEY!” in it:

This song got me thinking of another song, more recent, that is called “Ho Hey,” a slower, folkish song that brings the hipster esthetic to middle America courtesy of The Lumineers:

On a totally different musical tip, lets go back to the 1990s when Crystal Waters had a minor hit with “Just Say HEY! (If It Feels Alright)” — a song that is great to exercise to:

More songs with hey in them

If you like Crystal Waters, you might like OutKast’s “Hey Ya,” which was a HUGE hit a decade ago:

And if you’re nostalgic for the old days, there’s always “Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” from the 1960s:

Naughty By Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray” gets going with “hey ho, hey ho”

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