Songs of Christmas from Russell Lee

Russell LeeRussell Lee is a tried-and-true Canadian guitar player and singer. The Winnipeg-based artist keeps busy with album releases, playing major events, and promoting a recent project called Songs Of Christmas. If you like Blue Rodeo, Jackson Browne, Johnny Cash, or John Denver, I think you’ll appreciate the sound of Russell Lee’s voice on songs like “Little Drummer Boy,” “We Three Kings,” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”

For Russell Lee, music is a true calling and a fundamental way of life.

Embracing the power found when honest songwriting meets professional musicianship, Russell has released three well-received albums. Entertaining Canadian audiences with the help of some very talented band mates, Russell Lee’s live shows are enjoyed by many people.

While living in Nova Scotia back in 2005, Russell wrote and recorded his first album titled In The Night. While it received some radio airplay, a few years later, in 2008, Russell decided to get a new perspective in a new place. He moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he continues to write and play music today.

Russell LeeIn September 2015, he released his second album titled What Do I Do, and has been busy promoting this emotionally charged and beautifully honest album. It has what I’d call that “classic Canadian prairies sound.” 

Not one to rest too long on his previous projects, Russell Lee went back into the recording studio and came out with a brand new Christmas album titled Songs Of Christmas, available through his website here.

Meanwhile, Russell recently performed a full set-list at the world-renowned Dauphin, Manitoba CountryFest, an honor not many musicians get to share.

As he straddles the lines between Country music, rock and folk, Russell Lee keeps it interesting. It never hurts to make a Christmas album, since it’s the kind of thing that only grows in popularity year after year. 

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