Sofasound remixes Justin Bieber

Sofasound (aka John Sofia) is an EDM/hip hop producer who has done something impressive: made quite the remix of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” It’s available for free as a download from Sofasound’s Soundcloud:

Sofasound is “undefined by genre,” though he tends to remix R&B and rap hits from his studio in Florida.


His credits include several artists, including Mistah F.A.B , Emoney, Obvi, Trizz, R-Mean, HBK CJ, Rey Res, and Young Gully. Obviously, not all of these artists are known by the mainstream, whereas Justin Bieber is. Perhaps that’s why Sofasound’s putting emphasis on the “Love Yourself” remix, in order to get the most people to hear a sample of what he does, and does well.

Sofasound has the ability to take a song you think you know well, and tweak it so it becomes something else while still maintaining its original essence. With 18 tracks available on his Soundcloud page, with more to come, Sofasound is a prolific producer with an emphasis on tones, beats and instrumentation. It’ll be interesting to hear Island Mind, Isolation, his EP coming soon.

Meanwhile, take some time to explore the songs on his Soundcloud, including “Us2,” which takes the classic “Just The Two of Us” and updates it for today’s audiences. It’s still a chill groove, but it’s more spacey and electronic with an emphasis on the drum riff. I definitely enjoyed it and would add it to my iPhone music mix on shuffle.

For fun, do give Sofasound’s Lay It Down~ (Steelix flip by Sofasound) a listen, which starts out as if it’s a warped wax record playing, followed by an almost video game-like roller coaster of sound.

Sofasound succeeds at taking music and putting his own stamp on it, so that your ears can’t help be drawn in for a groovy listen. Catch him on Facebook or Twitter.  –Mark Weber

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