So Many Men gets revamped by producer Tuplain

Tuplain is a passionate music maker. He does music composition and production in multiple genres, including electronic dance music, deep house, hip-hop, and Latin lounge. His latest, “So Many Men,” featuring the L.A.-based singer L. Paris, seems to fall into the pop category with a taste for Latin lounge and hip-hop, as it sounds both jazzy and stylish. There are horns, tinkling piano and a groovy bassline. It’s musically interesting for the ears.


Tuplain’s “So Many Men” follows a self-confident lonely heart from dusk ’til dawn.

She’s looking for one a kind, and even though she has her pick from so many men, she finds the one she truly wants and decides he’s the one she cares about the most.

As a piano and trumpet player who admires Duke Ellington and the swing music of yesteryear, Tuplain gives “So Many Men” a sound that evokes another era when Cab Calloway and big bands ruled. However, he puts his modern spin on the genre, and with L. Paris singing the song, you might think you’re listening to Christina Aguilera– I know I did. She has a strong vocal presence!

Give the song “So Many Men” from Tuplain a listen via the YouTube video here:

Meanwhile, check out Tuplain’s website. On it he shares a quote from Plato that says, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” I like that quote.

The Swiss music maker is also on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Diversity is the name of Tuplain’s musical game. On his Soundcloud, you can hear the flute gettin’ funky on “Chasing The Moment,” a deep house track, as well as cool percussion and the sound of crickets on the jazzy Latin lounge sound of “Sunset.” You can even hear the first, original version of “So Many Men,” which features spoken word and a slower, more hip-hop sound than the updated L. Paris boogie version.

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