Remember Regina Belle?

Remember Regina Belle? Belle’s most notable for her Grammy award winning duet with Peabo Bryson, “A Whole New World,” from the 1992 animated feature film Aladdin. It has been a while since we’ve heard from her…but she’s back with new music, and her voice is stunning.

“I’m amazingly blessed. I will never ever say that I’ve lived the perfect life to be shown such favor with God or the people but here I am,” declares the incomparable Regina Belle.

Recorded on a restored microphone used by Jimi Hendrix and at The Heavyweights Studios (North Hollywood, CA), the same location where Marvin Gaye recorded numerous hits, you could say The Day Life Began, Regina Belle’s first new R&B album in 15 years, was blessed and ordained by the musical angels. The album is a stellar collection of inspirational R&B songs that reveal Belle’s unrivaled vocal abilities, and genius as a storyteller capable of uplifting and stirring emotions.

Regina Belle
Regina Belle

Regina Belle’s goal was simple. “If I cannot identify with the songs, and if the music does not move my soul, make me feel better, take me up when I’m down or higher when I’m up, then I don’t want to record it, play it or sing it!”

The Day Life Began unites Regina Belle for the first time in the studio with the dynamic producing duo Jamie Jones (from All-4-One) and Jack Kugell of The Heavyweights. Collectively their credits include everyone from Nick Cannon and Martina McBride to Phil Perry and Wayne Brady, among others.

“The Heavyweights are now my brothers from another mother,” laughs Regina Belle. “Jamie and Jack are two of this generations greatest producers and our chemistry in the studio was so unbelievable that we were able to record ten songs.”

An avid reader, Regina Belle enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and watching old movies and Westerns with the likes of Sidney Poitier, Lena Horne, and Hattie McDaniel. Belle is also a sports enthusiast. Regina’s husband is Pastor John Sidney Battle III, former NBA star with The Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I have had many triumphs in my life including being a wife of 24 years and a mother of five while having a career,” shares Regina Belle. She successfully underwent brain surgery in 2009.

After high school, Belle attended Rutgers University in her native New Jersey. Just 15 credits shy of obtaining her degree in African studies with a minor in music, she landed an audition with The Manhattans and went on to become their opening act and soon after signed to Columbia Records. In May 2015 she came full circle, completing her remaining credits and earning her degree.

With the release of The Day Began, Regina Belle is affirming that her journey continues and that her new recording signifies yet the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Regina concludes, “I draw strength from knowing that I’m operating within the purpose for my life and I’m having a ball doing it!”

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