Are you ready for I Am Ready by Amir Higher

Are you ready for the song “I Am Ready?” It’s a dance smash from Amir Higher that is the kind of song athletes will use before competition, actors will use before they go on stage, and anyone who needs to pump themselves up for their big moment will appreciate. The music video for “I Am Ready” features Amir dressed in a stylish white tuxedo, playing the piano. What I especially like about this uptempo song is the way the artist incorporates the piano into the dance track, highlighting his piano-playing skills to set this one apart from the paint-by-numbers competition.

Check out the lyrics for Amir Higher’s “I Am Ready.”

Come on, I can’t sleep like that
Come on, it’s tearing me apart
I’ve been waiting for this all my life
… picturing myself too many times

…I’ve got what it takes
…just hit the play
…to leave that all behind
…take me to another place

Let me hold the reins and I’ll carry it
Far and beyond, over the known
I’ll be the prince on the horse as you manage it
Break through the walls, shake up the world

You can download this energetic anthem here on iTunes.

Amir HIgher

About “I Am Ready,” it has been said, “People around the world are reporting on a weird phenomena that happens while playing the new debut single by Amir Higher.
Get ready, it may also take over you, so move sharp objects and clear the space around you, because you’re probably about to dance!”

Amir Higher, who is 6’5″ tall, has been playing piano since the age of 5. Born in Jerusalem in the mid-1980s, he’s a smart guy having achieved a Master’s degree in material science. For five years he was in a professional dance group traveling the world. Later on he started a band named Higher with a female singer in it– they recorded an album of melodic rock originals. Today, however, Amir Higher is a pop singer-songwriter doing his own thing. Producing mostly upbeat pop songs with his cousin EVS, he is looking forward to the whole world knowing his songs. Indeed, he is ready just like the song “I Am Ready” proclaims.

Amir Higher

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