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How have I not heard of Rachael Sage until now? She has been an active music maker since her teens, releasing a dozen or so full-length albums. She has shared stages with Shawn Colvin, Judy Collins, Jamie Cullum and Ani DiFranco, among others. Rachael Sage, in my opinion, should be just as well known as the aforementioned artists. She’s a talented musician and songwriter– and her singing voice is appealing, too!

Rachael Sage

Choreographic is her latest album, and it is a tribute to her first love: dance. Besides music, she loves ballet, and she recognizes how intertwined the two truly are.

So what does Rachael Sage sound like?

I’d classify her sound as country folk pop, with a good dose of violin. On Choreographic, the songs were inspired by dancers and choreographers she has encountered in her life.

Her latest single? “Try Try Try” Hear it here:

The New York-based Sage recruited several top-notch, diverse violinists to capture what she describes as the “ballet heart” of the record.

Rachel Golub (Adele, Sting) and Lyris Hung (Indigo Girls) brought their respective classical flair to the somber “It Would Be Enough” (composed for B.B. King) and “5 Alarms,” respectively, while fiddler Kelly Halloran (G Love) stepped out on rootsier tunes such as “Try Try Try,” “I’ve Been Waiting” and “Loreena.”

Cellists Dave Eggar (Coldplay, A Great Big World) and Ward Williams (Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles) contributed a lush foundation across all of the songs, bolstered by drummers Doug Yowell (Joe Jackson) and Andy Mac.

Guitarists James Mastro (Ian Hunter, Garland Jeffreys) and Jack Petruzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright) played a wide range of acoustic and electric parts; bassist Mike Visceglia (Duncan Sheik, Suanne Vega) supplied the low-end, while dynamic keyboardist Peter Adams (Rickie Lee Jones, Juliana Hatfield) layered in organ, accordion, glockenspiel and Rhodes, throughout the album.

All in all, Choreographic is a very musical album.

Find out more about Rachael Sage at her website.

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