Master Piano To Become Better Guitarist?

Master Your Piano Playing Skills To Become A Jaw-Dropping Guitarist

Want to become an instrumentalist? As a beginner, you’re going to find it tough to learn to play any given musical instrument because of the simple fact that you know nothing about it apart from knowing its name. Well, becoming a good player is no joke as you have to put tremendous time and effort into fully understanding the nitty gritty of your instrument, which only comes after a lot of practice.

Did you know that mastering the piano can help you be better at playing other instruments?  Many piano players are able to become better guitarists having learned about “playing music” on the piano. Because a piano has 88 keys, it’s able to incorporate the biggest number of musical tones compared to other musical instruments. The best part of learning piano is that it enhances the beginner’s music notation reading skills and helps them in figuring out the correct keys to play the music. Remember, musicians have to read music notations that are contained on staff, and then identify the right keys on the keyboard.


Thankfully, music students quickly identify how long they should take to play notes with the help of music notations. Moreover, reading music notations also assists in figuring out how many beats are contained in a measure.

Here are some important benefits of learning piano and how it is useful for an aspiring guitarist…

Piano Is The Easiest Instrument To Learn

Out of all the musical instruments that you see in a music studio (or a shop for that matter) the piano is considered to be the most powerful instrument, and it’s easiest to learn. When you start learning this musical instrument, you will quickly familiarize yourself with the technicalities of playing black and white keys on the keyboard.

If You Know How To Play Piano, You Can Easily Learn Other Instruments

If you are good at playing piano, nothing can stop you from learning other musical instruments quickly, including the guitar. Yes, your knowledge of playing piano makes it easier for you to learn to play other instruments like violin and guitar.

Piano Makes It Simple For Beginners To Understand Music Theory

Understanding music theory is extremely important for aspiring musicians– however, it’s not a simple subject.  Understanding chord make-ups and progressions along with learning the technicalities of how scales and melodies operate can make a big difference when you compose a music piece. The more you know and understand concerning music theory, the better musician you’ll be. Playing the piano helps beginners understand music theory.

Apply The Knowledge Of Music Theory While Playing The Guitar

Once you learn music theory via piano practice, you can apply all that knowledge to playing guitar. You will see a huge difference in your guitar playing skills if you implement this technique. A comprehensive understanding of music theory can open up doors for unexpected possibilities, taking your playing to new heights. This is a great way of learning music as it can help you sharpen your skills as well as enhance your knowledge.

Composers Have To Consider Piano While Composing Music

The piano is not only crucial for instrumentalists but also for composers who are accountable for writing music. What is great about using piano while composing a piece of music is that you can easily play 8 to 10 notes at one go… But guitar restricts you to only six at a time. Playing supporting chords and melody is much easier with the piano compared to other instruments.

Enroll Your Child In Piano Lessons To Develop An Ideal Pitch

If you want your child to develop a good pitch, it’s better you enroll them in piano lessons at a very young age. Having an ideal pitch is nothing but the potential to figure out a correlational musical note associated with a particular pitch. This particular ability helps in improving musical skills of beginners and proves to be very useful even if they are simply singing a song.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to improving your cognitive skills and overall well-being, you should strive to become a good piano player. It has been proved by many studies that playing piano at a younger age helps in developing your child as a more well-behaved and intelligent person. It increases self-discipline in children and makes them more responsible towards their work. Over a period of time, children learn how to put their heart and soul into accomplishing their task.

So, to sum up, if you want to be a better guitarist, play the piano, too!

David Milsont

Guest post by David Milsont

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