Video game music Polyfied

Video game music Polyfied

Someone creates video game music, right? Just like there are composers for Top 40 hits, there are people around the world working on video game music to make video games sound great. The Mark Weber Music Blog recently connected with a guy who makes video game music. “I’ve always been amazed by interactive experiences and […]

Whatever happened to Grayson Hugh?

One of the songs from the 1980s that I can never get out of my head, even though it wasn’t a huge hit, is Grayson Hugh’s “Talk It Over.” You probably don’t remember it. Here’s the music video: At the time, it didn’t sound like other stuff on the radio. I loved the classic soul […]

Hear Hold It Down by Island Apollo

If you like Saint Motel, Atlas Genius, or Maroon5, then I’d like you to give the band Island Apollo a listen. They’re from Southern California, have had their music in national ads for the likes of Sprint and Sobe, and, best of all, you’ve got to hear their new single! It’s called “Hold It Down,” […]

Is the Yamaha P115 worth your money?

Should you buy the Yamaha P115? Guest Post by Briana Renee As a musician, an instrument is a necessity. Thus, you have to invest in the best. The Yamaha P-series has some of the best quality digital pianos regarding construction and performance – including the latest model, Yamaha P115.   To find out if the P115 […]

See a video for the Wounded Warriors song

Have you seen the music video for the Wounded Warriors song “Miss You” from Breakerbox? I first heard the song a couple months ago. I had downloaded it months before the music video. I was driving along a deserted road in Idaho this past summer when “Miss You” came on the car radio speakers via my […]

The Secret To A Lasting Career In Music

Want to know the secret to a lasting career in music? Music, these days, is disposable. It’s sonic wallpaper really. It’s background noise. It’s cookie cutter clutter made by committee. If you were to take a look at the hits on the charts, you’d discover that they have a long list of “co-writers” and “co-producers.” […]

Pekkanini Thereminland Band

Pekkanini and The Thereminland Band’s new album of 10 instrumentals? It’s Guitars and Theremins.  You need to get an idea of their sound, so check out “Action in The 60s.” Pekkanini plays the theremin, an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact played by the thereminist (performer). The theremin got its name from Russian inventor Leon […]

Michael Stosic’s inspirational Country music

Michael Stosic’s voice reminds me of Barry Manilow. It’s clear, pleasant and warm sounding– the kind that makes women swoon and puts men at ease. As a singer-songwriter from Reno, Nevada, Stosic manages to evoke the feel of the Western States with his latest release, Welcome Home. This is easy-listening inspirational Country music at its […]

Marc Scibilia Evolves

Marc Scibilia Evolves

Marc Scibilia is one of the most talented singer-songwriters I know. He had his song, “How Bad We Need Each Other” featured on the Fox show Bones. His voice was in a Superbowl commercial for Jeep singing “This Land Is Your Land.” He has been on The Today Show. Marc Scibilia is an interesting character. He’ll […]