Middle Aged People: The Missing Music Market?

Music maker Gary D. Clark recently wrote to the Mark Weber Music Blog about a topic that he had a strong opinion on: music for middle aged folks isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Clark wrote a letter in which he stated, “All the new music is focused on the 16-35 market it seems.” Indeed, it does seem like today’s music is all about the youth and what they want to hear. What about people over 35, though?

Clark makes a good point in his letter to the Mark Weber Music Blog that terms like MP3, Bluetooth, iTunes, and “the Cloud” are lost to deaf ears when it comes to baby boomers. Interestingly, this is the same age group that, as Clark puts it, “represents the wealthiest demographic in the market.”

Middle aged
So what’s a middle aged music lover over a certain age supposed to do? Just listen to the old classics, over and over again? Or be forced to listen to the current fad music of the day, like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?

Perhaps there’s a problem in that older people– the baby boomers, in particular– aren’t as technologically savvy (or technological, for that matter) as their younger counterparts. They could be missing out on certain artists and songs precisely because they don’t utilize technology. Even with the return of vinyl records to the music marketplace, there’s still a sense that the overall music market of today is geared to having people download and/or “stream” music from online services.

Think about it… a long time ago people would go to record stores to buy records, which they’d bring home to play on their record players and stereo systems. Then 8-tracks tried to make it big, and they did for a couple of years, but for the most part cassettes dominated the industry for decades, alongside vinyl. In the late 1980s/early 1990s, CDs took over, and became the main way people listened to music at their house, in cars and elsewhere.

Just when the older generation(s) got used to CDs, along came things like “Napster” and “everything is in the Cloud.”

Clark, the concerned music maker, wonders what could help older middle aged people navigate the new marketplace so they feel included…perhaps a website devoted to the issue? One that provides music for this demographic in a way they can understand, use and enjoy? It’s not that unusual for baby boomers and those over 35 to be somewhat computer savvy these days, right? A lot of them have iPads, even… so perhaps a music website geared to older music lovers, with their tastes in mind, could thrive while getting new music directly to them.

Gary D. Clark writes songs for older people. Recently, he made a splash with his novelty song, “Even Fish Love Beer,” and now he’s back with a new one appropriately titled, “Middle Aged People Need Love Too.”

Check out GaryDClark.com if you’re of a certain age and want to hear music that’s not so focused on teenyboppers and twentysomethings. Get his new song here

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L’AFFICHEUR debuts ++solo++ album

L’AFFICHEUR is a band project from Switzerland with a new album out called ++solo++. It’s straight ahead rock with intense drumming, crashing cymbals, lots of cool guitar work and driving beats. L’AFFICHEUR is French for “bill poster.” 


The brainchild of L’AFFICHEUR is composer Ronny Egger. His process is this: come up with ideas for songs and then find helpers to craft them into full-fledged recordings to be heard the world over. As a bass player, he first sketches a blueprint of his tracks, figuring out how he’d like them to sound. Then he connects with other musicians who can contribute to the final recording of these songs. In 2013, for instance, he met drummer and fellow producer Mike Olschewsky (of Mike Sky Productions), who came aboard to help craft ++solo++ into the project it has since become. Two other musicians contributed to the project: Jonny Velasco on electric guitar and Pavel Sotkovsky on both the electric guitar and cello.
SoloEgger’s influences range from Björk to Beck, and you can hear it in his experimental sounds. Furthermore, he counts Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden among his favorite bands.

Solo bass

In the spirit of most rockers, when asked his favorite drinks, he replied, “beer and contraband liquors.”

Having owned an electric bass since the age of 17, Egger currently works with the software Ableton Live to create his sonic masterpieces. Olschewsky has a flair for mixing and mastering the songs. Together, along with fellow musicians, L’AFFICHEUR has taken shape. ++solo++, which includes nine tracks all together, is available on iTunes, Spotify, or the igroove store. To hear the music, visit the L’AFFICHEUR websiteYou can also enjoy the vivid video on YouTube featuring the band’s music; it has cool visuals of all sorts of things, from cassettes to red lips and then some…

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Dance to Speed of Life by Sweden’s Aditone

I thought Aditone sounded good before, on his track “Dynasty” a few months back, but now he’s returned to the recording studio to unleash a new song called “Speed of Life,” and he sounds better than ever!

Speed of Life

“Speed of Life” sounds like something that’s immediately radio ready. It’s upbeat, with a danceable beat, positive lyrics, and electronic influences that will get your feet moving and your shoulders groovin’. The song encourages you to “get up and move, get into the groove” while also reminding you to “live your life, don’t let it pass you by.” The producers have added nifty sounds to make for a compelling dance track that could easily get played in dance clubs around the world.

For those of you who don’t know, Aditone is a music maker from Sweden, a country known for making the most infectiously delightful pop music the world has ever known. If I had to describe the Swedish pop sound in two words, I’d say it’s “ear candy.” Aditone’s “Speed of Life” fits the bill.

Like Michael Jackson and other dynamic performers before him, Aditone got his start singing with other guys during high school in what was essentially a boy band. That experience paid off, as he was able to hone his craft as both a singer and performer. Today, as a solo artist, he has matured in a good way, complete with his own unique sound and style.

“Speed of Life” is available via Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other online services. You can find out more about Aditone via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the artist’s website.

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James Patrick Morgan with Expected

I’m diggin’ James Patrick Morgan’s new song, “Expected.” The Atlanta-based pop-rock and soul singer/songwriter just released his first single from his upcoming EP and it’s an infectious pop song.

“Expected” is the first song on the EP Art + Work = Love, which will be released in early 2017 through Cloverland Entertainment. “Expected” is currently available to stream via SoundCloud and available to purchase on iTunes and all major digital outlets.

Hear “Expected” here:

Morgan says that “songwriting comes easily” to him, and it’s evident that is true from the opening notes of “Expected.” The Sony Southern Talent Expo winner’s wide ranging influences from blues to soul to pop and soft rock are all given time on the track – from the acoustic verses to the catchy horn lines and soulful vocal harmonies on the chorus. The song features a danceable groove that carries the listener through the story of two people sharing “one night, two nights, three nights” and eventually falling in love.

Art + Work = Love is a five-song collection that James Patrick Morgan describes as one that “represents [him] better than most past recordings,” because it captures much more of “what [he does] in a live setting.” The EP was recorded in several legendary studios across the United States such as Los Angeles’ East West Studios, where the Beach Boys recorded many of their hits, and the storied Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN. Morgan says the goal of the EP, and of his artistry, is to “show people that it’s okay to be present and feel.” This is something he does well on Art + Work = Love, recalling classic artists such as Sam Cooke and Dave Matthews, but doing so in a fresh and exciting way.

Already a favorite among the Atlanta music scene, James Patrick Morgan has spent years honing his sound while playing 300-plus shows a year, performing covers and originals as well. With years of performing under his belt, Morgan has 1500 covers in his repertoire, and he includes an impressive take on Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle” on the new EP. Keep tabs in this guy via his Facebook page.

James Patrick Morgan

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