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Over The RhineMy friend Jodie Vandelay recently shared the music of Over The Rhine with me, and I appreciated it. I had heard of the group years ago and knew they used to have some connection to the contemporary Christian music market, with a folksy sound.

Over The Rhine is bassist/pianist/singer Linford Detweiler and his wife, classically-trained singer Karin Bergquist. They’d be right at home in the hipster sections of Brooklyn, but they choose to live in the middle of nowhere, on a farm in rural Ohio.

If you’ve never heard of Over The Rhine, now’s the time to discover them– their intimate new double album is called Meet Me At The Edge Of The World, and I’d best describe it, stylistically, as Alt-Country.

Meet Me At The Edge Of The World contains 19 tracks recorded live in under one week’s time. The songs are inspired by the couple’s rural land surrounding their brick farm house in southern Ohio. At times you’ll feel like you’re listening to a haunting Southern blues singer when you hear Bergquist’s distinct, crackly voice.

Fans of great literature and art will appreciate the depth of these musicians– their lyrics, harmonic blend, and seemingly timeless themes form an inviting tapestry of good vibes. They’d be right at home in a small coffee shop in Anytown, USA.

Interestingly, I’ve seen Over The Rhine perform at their farm in Ohio, as well as on The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Plus, I saw them perform at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. No matter whether they’re playing to New York hipsters or down home folks, Over The Rhine is consistently great at making music, being themselves, and connecting with the audience. Definitely see them perform live, in-person!

Note: in late May 2016, the band welcomes The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Joe Henry, Michael Wilson, Barry Moser and many more to their farm in the middle of nowhere for the Nowhere Else Festival.

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