Noah Pine releases Songs For Julie Love

Musician, songwriter, and performer Noah Pine just released his new CD Songs For Julie Love.

At the age of 18, Pine toured as the opener for Maroon 5 and Gavin DeGraw, and his studio work provenance includes Nico Constantine and Ed Roland among others. This seasoned young cat delivers rock, funk, soul, R&B, jazz and whatever musical electricity is pumping though his veins at the moment.

Noah Pine’s music has been described as Randy Newman-meets-Billy Joel while worshiping at the temple of Leon Russell.

The album’s title refers to a favorite teacher of Pine’s when he was very young. Julie Love was kidnapped, robbed, assaulted and murdered in Atlanta in 1988. The connection he felt with her remains strong. 

“These songs are dedicated to Julie Love,” Pine says. “She was my teacher, and she was stolen from the world in 1988. She is living in my music.” 

Noah Pine
Noah Pine

Pine is a well-read man taking in books from Michener to Hemingway and a lot of biographies, a fact that exhibits itself in the depth of his lyrics. Listen to the song It’s A Holiday.I feel music in my life, running its course, its path through my veins, chest and heart. Human condition, feel pain, pleasure balance the tightrope since the garden of Eden. Prison guards cut the chains, let the women and the men go free. It’s a holiday, every day you breathe.”

The heart and soul of the man is revealed in Fall Into My Arms. “Trust that I’m the man for you, Love me just for me, and I will love you. Will you be there for me for ups and downs? When I’m on top and kicked to the ground? I’ll tell you my feelings, the ones deep inside.

Find Noah Pine on Get Songs For Julie Love on Amazon, iTunes, or SoundCloud.

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