Get to know Nias and his song Without You

I really like listening to Nias’ song “Without You.” The lyrics speak to me. It’s about a man finding a love that nourishes him in all ways, including spiritually. He doesn’t want to be without this woman who has come into his life and made it better. This is the kind of song all boyfriends and husbands should play for their significant other.

So who is Nias?

He’s a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter and music producer. He seeks to blend musical styles. According to Nias, “The world has become a smaller place where we’re all exposed to and impacted by an eclectic array of flavors. Musically blending these flavors into appealing new combinations is a goal of mine.” He believes that’s where popular music is headed, and I agree.

Take a listen to his song “Without You” via YouTube here:

Nias continues, “As a music lover, I’m saddened by the same 10 to 15 songs being rotated endlessly. I love diversity and I believe the market does too.”

NiasWith that in mind, what does Nias listen to? He’ll play a song from Morgan Heritage out of Jamaica, followed by Paper Aeroplanes out of Scotland. To keep it interesting, he’ll add Miguel, Diplo and Calvin Harris into his mix. He says, “If it’s good it doesn’t matter how it’s classified.”

Besides singing and songwriting, Nias has created a business under the banner of Nias Intellectual Properties. Think of it as a modern day record company focused on music licensing for films, television and advertising… Nias seeks to provide diverse music to the world with his unique brand and sound. Indeed, he hates being pigeonholed.

“If you hear another song of mine inevitably you’re going to hear me tackling another genre, or, at the very least, fusing it into what I already do,” he says.

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