Nazim: reawakening people thru rap

RE:Awakening is a new hip-hop release by Nazim, a recording artist representing Sudan by way of Montreal, Canada.

Nazim grew up in Africa, calling Sudan and Egypt home for many years. Then he ended up in Montreal where he studied Political Science and Economics at McGill University.


Coming from Africa to North America, Nazim brings a unique perspective to hip-hop. Like artists who came before him, Nazim uses music to bring up “dialogues long erased and marginalized.” His music focuses on “the art of human society and politics,” and it uses the language of today, some of it quite explicit, to express where Nazim’s coming from and what he wants you to know on RE:Awakening. Thematically, his rap encourages people to rise up against oppressors, rather than just be apathetic and without action. For those disillusioned with the status quo, his music resonates.

I’ll tell you this: if you watch the hit FOX TV show Empire and you like the character of Hakeem– specifically the way he raps– then you’ll appreciate Nazim’s lyrical spittin’. His vocal delivery is right on point with what hip-hop listeners expect these days. Give a listen here:

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