My time singing with Kenny Loggins

One of the most memorable nights of my life had to be singing on stage with pop star Kenny Loggins! You know him from songs like “Footloose” and “Danger Zone” in the 1980s…

Here’s a picture from that wonderful night at Artpark in Lewiston, New York.

Kenny Loggins at Artpark

There were thousands of people in the crowd to see Kenny Loggins, and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before or since. A highlight? Singing “Please Celebrate Me Home.”

Kenny Loggins at Artpark
Kenny Loggins at Artpark in New York

So how in the world did I, Mark Weber, manage to share a stage with pop star Kenny Loggins?!?! My friend Josh Maloni had promoted a Rebecca St. James┬áconcert at Artpark, and somehow Kenny Loggins’ people got a hold of him to ask, “Can you find us some singers to sing back-up parts for four songs?” Josh asked me, and I said, “Definitely! I’m in!” I gave up a day at Kingdom Bound music festival to participate. I recruited my singing friends Michelle Patterson Stockton and Jenn Mielke to be part of the backing choir. And I called my friend Harold Harden to direct us. In addition, Josh got members of the Middleport Community Choir to join in on the fun. We had countless rehearsals and when the big night came we sounded fantastic and had a ball! Kenny Loggins made it a point to meet with us and take photos and his son, Crosby, was there, too. Even days after the show the singers got together for dinner and to recount the once-in-a-lifetime experience. All in all, a superb time.

I’ve sung for many audiences, but this was definitely the biggest audience ever. There were people for as far as the eyes could see, literally. What a thrill!

Kenny Loggins with Mark Weber
That’s me, Mark Weber, to the right of Kenny Loggins

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