Music Today is in a Sad State

Music today? Hmm…

I was thinking about music today, and I am frankly tired of American Idol and the Disney Channel dominating what Americans, and the world, consider popular. Justin Beiber follows Miley Cyrus, who followed Jonas Brothers, and before that we had Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and Backstreet Boys. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga (a Madonna retread), Eminem (who just sounds like he’s an angry yeller lately), and Ke$ha (mindless, robotic drunken party girl ‘music’) dominate the airwaves today. Yikes.

Music Today

I think the last time music was interesting was probably in the early 1990s when hip-hop and grunge rock were prevalent. Back then you had House of Pain, Salt-N-Pepa, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Dr. Dre and others making very potent music that people respected and cared about. Lately, I can’t think of too many music/artists that people respect and care about. It’s alot of rappers saying nothing with catchy hooks sung by females, with “auto-tune” on full-blast, making everyone sound digitally manipulated and party-ready. Well, the party isn’t as good as it once was.

I feel like the music biz and show business in general have run out of creativity. It seems like everything’s a remake of something already done before…Where are the artists taking music to different places? Where are the new Michael Jackson’s and Beatles? Who is re-defining American culture through song these days? I can’t think of anyone. Sure Rihanna has had a lot of hit singles, but I can’t see how “Umbrella” will matter ten years from now, except to get people on a dancefloor perhaps?

Just seems to me that music today is a lot of noise but little substance.

Now I know you can go online and find obscure bands and singers and support them by downloading their tunes for 99 cents these days, but the problem is they have small audiences. The industry used to be controlled by gatekeepers which helped Joe so-and-so become a superstar. Now with all the labels pretty much kaput, and artists doing it for themselves, you don’t have superstars, you’ve got minor, niche successes. Fall Out Boy is an example. They’re big but not HUGE. And they broke up. Where are the Celine Dion’s? The Aerosmith’s? The Journey’s? Today the music world is splintered by the web and it’s something that really bugs me.

When The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner kick the bucket, who will take their place with big arena shows? There’s just not that many “HUGE” acts anymore.

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