Moonlit Mirrors is electronically eclectic

Moonlit Mirrors is the musical work of a guy In New Hampshire. Some of the songs feature the amazing guitar skills of another guy from Florida. Interestingly, they’ve never met in person (according to their YouTube description) yet they’re able to work together thanks to Google Drive– ahh, the wonders of modern technology.

Moonlit Mirrors has a new album called Moonlit Mirrors presents Renee Fleming and the Modern Paranoia.

The first track I heard from this opus is “In Dreams,” and it’s both sublime and elegant. The way the strings combine with the piano on “In Dreams” is so relaxing that you’re liable to fall asleep while listening and have the most beautiful dreams of your own.

The next song I listened to couldn’t have been more different than “In Dreams.” It’s noisy, with a phone ringing, sirens blaring, and electronic production. Titled “Freakin Out” this one talks about walking down the hallway, doing laundry, getting nervous, and other things that’ll make you wonder aloud, “What is this guy all about?” If you like the musical artist Beck, I think you’ll like Moonlit Mirrors simply based on one listen to the rather odd-yet-alluring “Freakin Out.”

“I’m Not Giving Up I’m Just Leaving” includes astronaut talk on it with the phrase “I’m headed to the moon” repeated often.

Moonlit Mirrors

Every song on Moonlit Mirrors presents Renee Fleming and the Modern Paranoia is interesting to listen to. You’ll wonder what the guy from New Hampshire has come up with next. “Renee and the Forsaken Merman” pays tribute to Renee Fleming.

With Moonlit Mirrors, the fun thing is trying to figure out what the artist is trying to say with his otherworldly songs.

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