Mike Tait gets the crowd pumped up

Mike Tait
Mike Tait

Guys want to be him, and girls want to be with him. He’s Mike Tait, and he makes music that gets the crowd pumped up and ready to feel great.

One look at Mike Tait with no shirt on, and you’d think he was a prize-winning body builder. He puts the same amount of passion, dedication, and hard work into working out and staying healthy as he does making music that’ll move your soul.

Not only does he write songs and produce them, but Mike Tait is also a recording artist getting noticed by people far away from his small town roots between Philly and Atlantic City. Sure, he’s done club music with a hint of hip-hop before, but nowadays, he’s taking it to a whole ‘nother level. Check this: Mike Tait has been working with Eddie Galan, a Los Angeles-based, multi-platinum record producer known for working on music with Miley Cyrus.

Now you’re thinking, “So Tait is connected to Hannah Montana?” Some of you are like, “Cool,” and others are like, “Hmmm…” Make no mistake, though, Tait knows who to connect with in order to make a real splash on the music scene these days. When he walks into a room, all eyes are on him. Now, he’s making songs that’ll go along with that magnetic charm of his, so that you listen to a Mike Tait song and some of his swagger and confidence will rub off on you.

Mike Tait can freestyle rap with the best of them, or he can turn into Mr. Loverman, slowing it down and keeping it smooth for the ladies.

Not sure if you heard his club hit, “All Night Long,” from 2006, but if you did, you know when he brings the noise, people’s ears perk up and are like, “Who is that? I’ve got to know his name!”

If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Mike Tait’s debut album, “From the Ground Up!” With songs like “Lose Control,” “A Parent’s Prayer,” and the bangin’ “Backside Pop Out,” Mike Tait’s music is straight up for fans who already dig the rap and R&B sounds of artists like Eminem, Usher, Ne-Yo, 112, Joe Budden, and Jagged Edge, as well as rockers like Staind, Pearl Jam, Deftones, Guns & Roses, and Linkin Park.

Having already performed for thousands of people at clubs and colleges in New Jersey, Delaware, and the Greater Philly area, Mike Tait is ready to travel and bring his deep lyrics and strong personality to new places and new faces. Are you ready to be entertained? Are you ready for a great time? Are you ready for Mike Tait?

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