Michael Stosic’s inspirational Country music

Michael Stosic’s inspirational Country music

Michael Stosic’s inspirational Country music

Michael Stosic’s voice reminds me of Barry Manilow. It’s clear, pleasant and warm sounding– the kind that makes women swoon and puts men at ease.

As a singer-songwriter from Reno, Nevada, Stosic manages to evoke the feel of the Western States with his latest release, Welcome Home. This is easy-listening inspirational Country music at its best. If you like the sound of the violin, get this album!

Michael Stosic got his career started in 1986 when he released a contemporary Christian album called Brand New Love.  His music received airplay on KCMS radio, followed by a second album, Symphony of Praise, which ended up reaching listeners in 119 countries.

Stosic’s life changed when he visited Zimbabwe several years ago. He sang there, meeting children from a local orphanage only to find out later on that three of them died from malnutrition after he left. Teaming up with Feed The Nations and The River Christian Church, Stosic devoted his time and energy to helping the starving kids of Zimbabwe. Imagine this: he helped ship some 286,000 meals to Zimbabwe. That’s a lot of food.

Besides having a heart for the poor of Africa, Stosic continued releasing albums, expanding his musical pallete with a fusion of R&B and “adult contemporary” sounds.

Now on his eighth studio album, Welcome Home, Michael Stosic shares his life experiences and perspective utilizing a Country beat on songs like “Thirty-Nine Years,” which is presumably about his long-lasting marriage.

Here’s a sample of his lyrics for “Thirty-Nine Years”…

“Well we sit by our pond, drink coffee every morning. Share the newspaper, read a story that is boring. Say a few words, get up and leave without a warning. We’ve been married thirty-nine years.”

I think dads and people of faith will especially feel a connection with Stosic’s songs.

Discover more about Michael Stosic at his website. –Mark Weber

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