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Do you know Matt Cusson piano man? I listen to a lot of music. I meet a lot of artists. Once in a great while, I discover for myself an artist I want to put in my all-time Top 10 of favorites. Matt Cusson (pronounced Q-son) is one of those dynamos.

Matt Cusson piano man also sings with passion, and he has toured with artists like Brian McKnight.

I don’t remember how I found about him, initially, but I asked to be his Facebook friend and he accepted. Later on, we emailed back and forth a couple times, and then I moved to New York City. Matt invited me to come see him play at The Bitter End, and I did. Then I caught him at Rockwood Music Hall, and afterward my friend Valerie Ell and I went to a nearby pizza place. Who walks in, but Matt and his fiance, Lisa? They sat at our table and we had the nicest chat.

I wanted you to know about Matt Cusson because he just scored his first magazine cover! Here’s the link:

Matt Cusson piano man
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It may sound corny, but I am so proud of him, and this accomplishment. I don’t think many of you realize what an artist like Matt has to do in order to get to the point where his picture is on a magazine cover! It involves a lot of practice, travel, meeting people, networking, and giving up things normal 9-to-5’evers enjoy like knowing where one’s paycheck is coming from…

There were two great things about the magazine article– first, I finally saw what Matt looks like without a hat on– if you know him, he is always wearing a hat, and he rocks that look, but it was certainly nice to see what he looks like without one– and now Valerie and I know he’s not bald, haha. More importantly, though, the article involves audio clips where you get to hear Matt speak about the artists he has worked with, and the list is nothing less than impressive– Stevie Wonder? What?!?! Smokey Robinson?!?! You’re kidding, right?!?! Christina Aguilera?!?! Shut up! James Taylor?!?! Matt Cusson piano man is “the man!”

I don’t know what the future holds for Matt Cusson, but one thing’s for sure: I’m thankful to have met him in person, to have enjoyed his music, and to be able to follow his career, encouraging him along the way. Plus, he and I both listen to Nat King Cole almost every single day, so musically, we have a lot in common.

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