Marquis Hill Quintet at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola

Marquis Hill played his trumpet and delighted all those within earshot. The setting? Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, an upscale, intimate jazz club in Lincoln Center at Columbus Circle. With a panoramic view of the NYC skyline, the club overlooks Central Park and tall buildings. You know you’re not in Kansas anymore while there!

Marquis Hill

A visit to Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola amounts to the ultimate NYC jazz club experience, complete with a delectable dinner of Southern food and tasty drinks served by the nicest and most attentive staff.

Dizzy's Club Coca Cola Mark Weber at Dizzy's Outside the club Mark Weber in NYC

Have you seen Marquis Hill?

Trumpeter and composer Marquis Hill got his start in Chicago, and now he’s touring with four other top-notch musicians. His quintet features piano, upright bass, drums, and sax. Like a tag team of wrestlers, the trumpet and sax alternate at the forefront of the group. It’s as if they share duties as the lead singer. Once in a while both the trumpet and sax play together and it’s dynamite.

Though I’m more of a vocal jazz connoisseur, I truly enjoyed hearing the outstanding musicianship of the Marquis Hill Quintet and its intricate instrumentals. What a treat to hear each musician play their solos masterfully and with panache. The group made me think of how the world rewards Justin Bieber for silly nonsense music. Meanwhile, jazz musicians don’t get nearly enough hype from the media despite their true musicianship and dedication to their craft.

Though the New York City audience of polite white folks clapped for Marquis Hill and his quintet, I would have liked to have heard more from them, like some cheers, whoops and vocal affirmations like you’d hear in a black church. The artist was very approachable. I shook his hand and said hello.

If you appreciate jazz music with a love for the sound of the trumpet, don’t hesitate to visit the Marquis Hills website here. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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