Luke Potter releases So Sugar album

Luke PotterLuke Potter is a young, talented music maker from the UK who could easily get teenage girls screaming. Unlike Justin Bieber, though, he isn’t a snotty brat, and he hasn’t been corrupted by fame.

Luke Potter’s debut album, So Sugar, is pure pop pleasure, combining youthful enthusiasm tempered with extremely well-produced songs that can appeal to all ages.

Sure, teen girls will flock to him, but unlike Bieber, adults wouldn’t be annoyed by Potter or his music, which is mature enough to appeal to people in their 20s and 30s and beyond. Potter writes his own songs, plays guitar, and, most importantly, is passionate about what he does. It shows.

Luke Potter
Luke Potter

“We’re Alive” is a pumped up song that could easily fill arenas with the crowd pumping their fists and singing along– it features a thumping beat and gorgeous strings, topped off with Potter’s solid vocals.

Luke Potter
Luke Potter

“It’s Okay To Dream” tells the listener exactly that, encouraging people to be exactly who they want to be.

Potter is a solid singer who is able to utilize his falsetto at just the right times. His songs are catchy, as if The Beach Boys, Green Day, Oasis and Blink 182 morphed together to make an appealing new artist.

Influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls and Jason Mraz, Luke Potter’s music combines great grooves, guitars and an appealing British accent on So Sugar.

Luke PotterThough he’s from England, Luke travels often, and has worked on music in Sweden as well as Los Angeles. His song, “Do You Love Me Yet?” is one that he considers to be a turning point in terms of being an artist and a songwriter. “I wrote it with an amazing producer, Maria Marcus in Sweden, and it just made me so happy,” he says.

He has filmed several music videos and has an active YouTube channel.

Luke Potter releases new songs often, and he likes to “tell a story that sends a message about being the person you want to be.” Visit his website to see what he’s up to these days:

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