Lookingdoor is Barnabas Nagy and Daniel Nagy

LOOKINGDOOR is a rock duo of singer-songwriter/guitarist Barnabas Nagy and drummer Daniel Nagy. They started to make music together in 2005 and decided to form a band.

And yes, they are brothers.


An Internet search for Barnabas Nagy turns up his website. On there  you can get to know more about his views on faith and life. Interestingly, he writes on topics including marriage and sexuality, as well as evidence that the earth is flat. While you may or may not agree with his writings, one thing’s for sure: he’s a thinker and he wants to get you thinking about things, too. In an era when most songwriters write nonsense, he goes deeper…

If you noticed an accent after listening to the music on Soundcloud, it’s because the brothers are from Hungary in Eastern Europe.

“When I’m not writing, I fish the rivers, play the guitar or work in my homestead,” says Barnabas.

The brothers studied at a local music school as youngsters, covering a variety of musical instruments including piano, drums, saxophone and even the clarinet. Eventually, they both dropped out of the music school, but continued to experiment as music makers. For instance, Barnabas picked up his mother’s classical guitar and used it to play covers of rock songs. Later on, he decided to write his own songs, which helped get LOOKINGDOOR off the ground.

Today, besides making music, both Nagy brothers still have “day jobs.” Music full time though? That’d be good.

The duo best describe their music as “melodic rock from our hearts about the world we live in and the faith we overcome it by.”

Discover more about LOOKINGDOOR at their website here.

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