Australia’s I Know Leopard makes celestial, swimming, string-enhanced pop, a bit of synth and all of the feels. In other words, it’s dream-pop. I like it.

> “The Coast” was inspired by a yearning feeling that Ren (the artist) experienced before he made a decision to take his first proper traveling trip.  He lived in a camper van and ended up driving around Scandinavia, central Europe, etc.

> Corey Primus’ song, “Never Again,” starts off with a harmonica. Then it sounds like a classic singer-songwriter song, with Primus telling a story about a guy named Johnny who gets home from a hard night’s work, looking at the bills on the table, telling himself he’ll never go back to shift work again. A nice bass groove kicks in, along with keyboards, and the song takes on a rock-jazz feel which might remind you of Ben Folds Five. Give “Never Again” a listen.

Relaxing classical guitar music from Thomas Merey is available for a listen at his website:

Jesse Burke’s hip-hop pop song, “I Need You,” has great bass, some rappin’, some croonin’, and a beat that will get you movin.’ The Toronto recording artist is not only a performer, but also a writer, producer and sound engineer. Having been raised by a well known jazz musician, Jesse Burke grew up playing drums, piano, guitar and bass, followed by vocal lessons.

> It’s hard to find hip-hop artists who do something different these days. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to kCopes, and his song, “Undeniable.” It starts with a church organ and soon bursts into a symphonic, electronic pop song that deftly combines rapped verses and sung choruses. “Undeniable” is ear candy– I would literally pay money to download this track.

> Miki Harvey reminds me of Diana Krall. I can see her doing well in the jazz world with a voice like that! Miki graduated in Music/Business Fundamentals from BYU Hawaii in 2012 and has been working on her music ever since.

> Marc Scibilia grew up down the road from me in Western New York. He now lives outside of Nashville, where he continues to mastermind excellent pop songs, playing most of the instruments, producing the songs, and collaborating with other like-minded creative geniuses.

> Leah sings “Describe” with conviction. Sung with honesty and passion, backed by piano, strings, bass and drums, this one’s epic and could make you cry– in a good way. Stunning song.

> Leah Jee turns Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” into a straight up rock song.

> Leaving the beaches of Brazil, Henri Brana boarded a flight to Sweden with a toothbrush, a guitar and a dream. Now, several tough years later, his long awaited single, “A Place Where We Can Love,” has arrived and it was worth the life-changing trip.

> Em Weeks says, “My songs tell stories. I want them to be relatable and easy to listen to, but not cliché. I’m a big fan of showing and not telling; using descriptive new ways to portray age old stories and emotions.”

> Nero, My Panda is made up of Yale college dudes with catchy songs, including “I Just Want A Girlfriend” and “Boring In The Night.” Nero, My Panda has been compared to Vampire Weekend and Haim. For me, I think of them as a cross between Toni Basil’s 1980s cool beat hit, “Mickey,” and a band you’d see in hipster Brooklyn.

> Lael Summer can handle rock, R&B, soul, and even some bossa nova. Born and raised in NYC, Lael’s love of music was apparent early on. By the age of 2 she could sing every song from the Sound of Music.

>Like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and other greats that came before them, the Australian brotherly duo of Mark and Luke Finn, aka FINN, hope to capture the world’s attention with their new album, Art & Espionage.