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Every band needs a leader. Bands cannot survive great leaders. Here are ten tips for leaders of music bands, from Mark Weber…

10) Leadership can be learned through active experimentation, observation of others, study in the classroom or reading books. To be a good leader, copy what other leaders do well, and reflect on all that you’ve learned in and out of school these past years.

9) Great leaders are great because they pay attention to the hearts of the people following them. Great leaders care.

8) It can be painful to admit you’re not perfect, but if you want others to trust and follow you, they’re a lot more likely to want to do so knowing you’re human, too.

7) Leaders must be passionate about that which they are leading. If you’re not passionate about your band, you shouldn’t be the one in charge.

6) If you’re going to lead, selfish aims and desires have to be given up for the good of the group; instead, look for ways to respond to your band members’ needs and interests, in essence, serving them.

5) The word “Yes” begins things. Saying “yes” is how things grow.

4) If the why is big, the how will come.

3) To accomplish your own dreams, help two or three others accomplish theirs.

2) Work on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Take mental notes of the things you do that make you feel stronger– keep doing those things; things that make you feel weaker? Don’t do those things.

1) Leaders are learners. Soak in the world around you, so that you know all of its details. Ask questions, a lot. You have to have a passion for learning in order to become the best leader you can be.

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