L’AFFICHEUR debuts ++solo++ album

L’AFFICHEUR is a band project from Switzerland with a new album out called ++solo++. It’s straight ahead rock with intense drumming, crashing cymbals, lots of cool guitar work and driving beats. L’AFFICHEUR is French for “bill poster.” 


The brainchild of L’AFFICHEUR is composer Ronny Egger. His process is this: come up with ideas for songs and then find helpers to craft them into full-fledged recordings to be heard the world over. As a bass player, he first sketches a blueprint of his tracks, figuring out how he’d like them to sound. Then he connects with other musicians who can contribute to the final recording of these songs. In 2013, for instance, he met drummer and fellow producer Mike Olschewsky (of Mike Sky Productions), who came aboard to help craft ++solo++ into the project it has since become. Two other musicians contributed to the project: Jonny Velasco on electric guitar and Pavel Sotkovsky on both the electric guitar and cello.
SoloEgger’s influences range from Björk to Beck, and you can hear it in his experimental sounds. Furthermore, he counts Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden among his favorite bands.

Solo bass

In the spirit of most rockers, when asked his favorite drinks, he replied, “beer and contraband liquors.”

Having owned an electric bass since the age of 17, Egger currently works with the software Ableton Live to create his sonic masterpieces. Olschewsky has a flair for mixing and mastering the songs. Together, along with fellow musicians, L’AFFICHEUR has taken shape. ++solo++, which includes nine tracks all together, is available on iTunes, Spotify, or the igroove store. To hear the music, visit the L’AFFICHEUR websiteYou can also enjoy the vivid video on YouTube featuring the band’s music; it has cool visuals of all sorts of things, from cassettes to red lips and then some…

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