KZehRah the thinking man’s rapper

KZehRah intrigues me. He describes himself as a “secular rapper and producer turned Christian” who at one time “could be found assisting the engineer of Wu-Tang’s cult-classic album 36 Chambers.” Of course I had to know more, so I asked some questions and got some answers.


What did assisting the engineer entail?

“As a client at Firehouse Studios in NYC, I basically became an intern to Yoram Vazan and I got to sit in on many of the tracking sessions of Ethan Ryman as he engineered the first Wu-Tang album,” says KZehRah.

After that, he spent time producing unknown emcees and singers in East New York (Brooklyn). It proved to be both an educational and emotional time for him. He dealt with all sorts of egos, endured some unprofessional experiences, saw a lot of talent, and, ultimately, would have “liked to see more fruit from all the seeds planted.”

What did KZehRah learn about the music business back then, that’s still relevant today? He learned that it’s not so much about being the all-time best (greatest) rapper or singer or producer. Rather, “You had to be great at networking,” he says. “I picked that up a little late.”

Over the years the better late than never music maker has worn many hats. He has been a DJ, emcee, producer, songwriter, audio engineer, graphic designer and photographer. At one time he went by the moniker Vultcha, but today he’s KZehRah. The name comes from the first letter of his given first name, Keith, followed by what he calls a ‘hood’ way to say “Sera,” like the old saying “Que Sera Sera.” Put that all together and you get “Keith will be what he will be.” Clever.

KZehRah makes thinking man’s music. The kind that can lead people to change their mind or heart after hearing his lyrics. He uses music as a platform for whatever’s on his heart. KZehRah counts EPMD, Rakim, Marley Marl (and the whole Juice Crew), Jungle Brothers and De La Soul among his early influences.

Hear KZehRah music here:

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