Keeping Bands Together

Keeping bands together can be a daunting task. Music bands can easily break-up if they lack communication between members or project a bad attitude to the people they encounter, from fans to promoters. There are several things that help foster a good work environment for music bands…

keeping bands togetherHere are key tips for keeping bands together…

1. Integrity

•Always project a positive image of the band.
•Choose to do what is right for the band rather than oneself.
•Be a good manager of the time, money and resources of the band.
•Follow through with assigned tasks.

2. Teamwork

•Communicate in a pro-active way with band members and management.
•Put others’ needs before your own.
•Encourage others and provide specific feedback.
•Reward what you want repeated.
•Standout or step back when asked.
•Have an attitude that utilizes your talent for the benefit of others.
•Take time to build relationships with band members.

3. Excellence

•Take time develop your talents and encourage others to do so, too.
•Take the time to develop as a team.
•Strive to do the very best with the talent you have.
•Have a “whatever it takes” attitude.

4. Fun Through Creativity

•Make every moment (lesson/concert/meeting) fun-filled.
•Have a positive attitude even while instilling discipline and structure.
•Create an environment where people can contribute ideas freely.
•Goofiness is encouraged.
•Laughing, smiling and high-fives are the norm.

Keeping bands together is not always easy, but if members decide to work together and set aside differences of opinion, there is hope! Sometimes it’s good to have a leader, mentor or coach step in and be a sounding board for all involved. It’s best if this person is an objective third party with no vested interest– someone every band member likes and respects, rather than someone who’s really close with just one member of the group.

Jealousy, bitterness, and anger have ruined many bands. Don’t let that happen to yours. Keeping bands together is important for the sake of the music fans.

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