Justin Bieber Love Yourself

Justin Bieber Love Yourself…There are two things about this particular song that stand out to me: 1) it’s vocals and guitar throughout…but NO drums! 2) it has a trumpet solo…a TRUMPET solo!

You see, most pop music– the kind that makes it into the Top 10 of the charts, anyway, would say yes to drums and no to trumpet solos. Justin Bieber has managed to make something that sounds quite different than “everything else out there today,” with a fairly simplistic, quiet song called “Love Yourself.” A trumpet solo is a bit of an odd choice for a Justin Bieber song, but hey, it’s working…the song’s a huge hit, having sold more than a million in the USA, at #3 on the Hot 100 (as of this writing), and heard on a variety of radio stations, from the ones soccer moms listen to…to the ones kids and teens love.

Justin Bieber Love YourselfJustin Bieber Love Yourself is on his fourth studio album, Purpose.

The song itself lists Bieber along with Ed Sheeran and Ben Levin as writers. The song hit the Top 5 at the same time as “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?” That meant Justin Bieber had three concurrent songs in the Hot 100’s top five, a feat only The Beatles (in 1964!) and 50 Cent (in 2005) can claim. Way to go Bieber!

A promotional video for Justin Bieber Love Yourself released on YouTube on November 14, 2015. The video features husband and wife dancers Keone and Mari Madrid dancing their way through their house. They later dance on their phone screens. The video ends when the wife wakes up and finds a note on her husband’s pillow saying, “Love Yourself.”

Of all the Justin Bieber songs ever released, I think this one in particular is going to be the one oldies stations play in the future. It’s also the type of song that other artists will cover.

–Mark Weber Music Blog 

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