Judge Not by Bob Marley

Judge Not
Bob Marley’s house/recording studio is now a museum open to tourists on Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica. A tour was/is $20 for foreigners, $5 for Jamaicans. I loved the tour.

Judge Not by Bob Marley is probably my favorite Bob Marley song.

Bob Marley is best known for two or three of his most popular songs like “No Woman, No Cry” or “”One Love.” Though Bob died in his mid-thirties, he was able to record a lot of songs before he passed away from cancer, and “Judge Not,” from when he was only 16-years-old, is one of those early Bob Marley songs I recently discovered for myself, and I really like both the music and the lyrics.

Judge Not

I’m not into Bob’s Rastafari religion or his pot smoking advocacy, but I do think he’s to be remembered fondly for helping bring “reggae” music from the dancehalls of Third World Jamaica to the radio airwaves of America and the whole wide world in the 1970s, 1980s and even today. His music and legacy lives on.

I love that Judge Not by Bob Marley is on YouTube so people all over the world can hear it; I think it’s an important message.

In Jamaica, by the way, Bob Marley is one of the country’s biggest folk heroes, beloved and not forgotten. On a side note, I got to visit his home/museum on Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica, and would recommend you visit if you get a chance. It was so cool to visit the home where Bob Marley once lived and made music.

One final thing: if you live in Jamaica, admission to his place is cheap, like $5, but if you’re visiting from elsewhere, you have to pay $20! At the very end of the tour you’ll end up in a store selling Bob Marley goods, as well as a place full of memorabilia.

–Mark Weber Music Blog

Judge Not

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