Jonathan Townes to release True

Jonathan Townes is set to officially release his latest single, “True,” on April 29. It will be available as a digital download. In person, Jonathan Townes will perform the song at a party the night of April 28 at Northtown Coffee in Arcata, California.

Jonathan Townes

Jonathan Townes takes his music seriously.

He’s a composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist. With that in mind, as you’d expect he has been vigilant about everything from the string arrangements in his songs to the choice of mastering studio.

Having attended Berklee College of Music and lived in New York City for a number of years, Townes worked as a gigging musician and recording engineer. In 2015, he decided to move to California. He owns Giglaeoplexis Records and has recorded several of his own albums on the label over the years.

Towne’s first recording was Glossolalia (1996), which featured seven of his songs plus four improvised tracks. The band included keyboardist John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood; John Scofield), bassist Neal Fountain (Jimmy Herring, Alex Machacek), and drummer Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jonas Hellborg, Leftover Salmon). More recently, he produced, mixed and mastered Redshell’s eponymous debut, marking his transition from jazz to electronic pop-rock music.

Jonathan Townes

As for his new music, Jonathan Townes says, “‘True’ is alternative rock, meets hip-hop beats, a dose of electronica, a pinch of the Beatles, all flowing beneath a voice that is equal parts Tom Vek, Chris Martin, Albert Hammond Jr., and the Eels’ Mark Oliver Everett.” The song tells the story of two people, somewhere after their initial encounter, witnessing four intimate scenes in the downward arc of a relationship spiraling into flames.

The artist would describe “True” as a song that sounds like you mingle-mangled David Bowie, Sigur Rós, Beck, Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Tupac’s beats, John Bonham’s power, and strings together. Cool.

Besides “True,” Jonathan Townes has a lot of music available on You can also visit his website here.

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