Joey Alexander Piano Prodigy

Thanks to the Internet, anyone from anywhere could become famous in a day. When people share videos on YouTube and such, they spread good things around the world that seemingly connect with thousands if not millions of people. In Joey Alexander’s case, he’s not even a teenager yet, but he’s a piano-playing child prodigy and he’s newly famous.

Joey AlexanderJust last year, at the young age of 11, Joey Alexander from Indonesia released his first album called My Favorite Things.

Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis first learned about Alexander via YouTube videos where he saw the prodigy playing Coltrane, Monk and Chick Corea. That lead to an invite to play at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. He was such a hit with audiences, amazed at his skill and passion at such a young age, that he and his family moved to NYC in 2014 so he could make America his home base and cultivate a lucrative career. Since then, Joey Alexander has also performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Newport Jazz Festival!

Pretty much a natural, with minimal training, Joey Alexander is a piano-playing phenomenon. He’s destined to be known worldwide his whole life based on his talent and dedication to jazz music. You can hear a great interview with the phenom via WBGO radio. Expect great things from Joey Alexander in the future as he has a long career in front of him and could conceivably play the piano for several decades to come. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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