Jeremy Bursich: Metamorphosis

Jeremy Bursich is always working on something. With several self-produced albums under his belt, he still manages to find time to host open mics, organize and perform in concerts, edit and construct music videos, and create “hellishly playful” sculptures.

With that in mind, the latest music from Jeremy Bursich is called Metamorphosis II. He wrote the album as part of the February Album Writing Month Challenge. Musically, it’s about facing the absurdity of existence and creating a purposeful path in spite of it all. “I would hope it would inspire hope,” says the creative artist.

Jeremy Bursich

Bursich considers himself an optimistic existentialist. He lives the life of a constantly evolving artist, having written, recorded and released 5 albums in the past 4 years. In addition, he has toured most of the USA.

Originally starting out as a drum and bass DJ, Bursich also occasionally played acoustic music. He was inspired by Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan to move toward solo acoustic performances.

These days, thanks to circuit bent toys and electric guitar pedals, Bursich enjoys experimenting with different instruments and sounds. This is his time to take “a more synthetic approach to a very organic process.”

What’s something Jeremy Bursich would want listeners to take away from his music? Hope.

“I want people to know that there is hope,” he says. “I am a recovering addict and I got clean and realized I wanted to be a musician, so I became one. I realized I wouldn’t be rich and I didn’t need to be. I stopped waiting for opportunities and started creating and learning and I continue to create and learn every day. Anyone can do that. Don’t wait for it to happen. Do it yourself. You are absolutely capable.”

As an artist who loves getting feedback about his music, Bursich seeks to incorporate various creative outlets into what he does, offering people a unique experience every time they see him perform. He uses things like video montages, performance art, and sculptures to help get his messages across to audiences.

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