Folk music from James Robert Kibby

Folk music from James Robert Kibby

Folk music from James Robert Kibby

Folk singer James Robert Kibby has many influences you might be familiar with, such as Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, The Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch, Rich Mullins and James Taylor. He follows in the troubadour tradition with his own music. Generally, you’ll find Jim, as he’s known to his friends, playing music in the band Immanuel, which is part of his church in suburban Buffalo, New York. While Christian music and faith matter a lot to him, he’s also not hemmed in by the Christian subculture that often produces music that all sounds the same.

As a solo artist, Jim decided to record his own album, aptly naming it One Man Garage Band.
“When I started working on this project, I wasn’t sure where it would end up,” he recalls. “I had very little experience with sound editing and I had a very low to non-existent budget. Rather than hang my head, I sought to make the most of what I did have, not allowing my perceived limitations to keep me down.”

One Man Garage Band, then, is a homemade album that bucks the trend of today’s over-produced songs made by committee. Jim would rather offer you music that’s honest and accessible than just make a product for consumption bowing to the almighty dollar. It’s no wonder that he chooses to record songs that could best be classified as “folk,” with Christian influences. He also enjoyed the challenge of making the album on his own.

“I wanted to create a situation where the songs, in many ways, had to stand on their own without any fancy effects or engineering.”

Hear One Man Garage Band via Soundcloud or Bandcamp here:


When he’s not leading worship at his church or recording folk/bluegrass music, Jim keeps busy as a married father of two children. He enjoys a good joke, plenty of coffee, and bacon on just about everything.

Check him out on Facebook here. For booking, you can email Jim, aka James Robert Kibby, at and/or visit his main website.


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