Jack of None

Jack of None kind of scares me, honestly. One listen to their haunting song, “Mrs. Stitcher,” and I’m wondering what this band of siblings is all about. Jack of None takes spoken-word poetry and melds it with guitar-driven electronic music. “Mrs. Stitcher” uses the words “curse you” repeatedly, and I’m not liking that… but I do realize they’re an experimental rock/art band, so they’re creating something that will connect with an audience.

Jack of None is comprised of siblings A.G. Syjuco (principal composer on guitar, bass and synths), Maxine Syjuco (poet-songwriter and vocalist), and Julian Syjuco (guitar).

Jack of None

Their debut album Who’s Listening to Van Gogh’s Ear?┬áreleased globally in April of 2016. Critics have called their music progressive and bold and thought-provoking. I myself am more into the cheesy pop songs from Maroon5 and Justin Bieber, but I do appreciate that there are music makers like Jack of None.

Interestingly, the Syjuco siblings have artists for parents. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that Maxine is both a poet and visual artist. She is known for her twisted voice in storytelling, whereas she considers the fragility of the human condition via a sonic netherworld of ghostly images. Her first book of poetry, A Secret Life, came out in 2008, and she’s had the opportunity to show her artwork and read her poems in diverse venues around the world, including stops in the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the U.S.A.

I like that Jack of None is a family affair. Maxine’s brother, AG, got his start with an art-rock band called FAUST! That band made a name for themselves on MTV Asia, got a major label recording deal, and released two controversial albums. For a while AG turned from music to school to get his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and today, besides making music with his siblings, he’s also a manager for a multinational tech conglomerate.

Rounding out Jack of None is younger brother Julian who you’ll find painting when he’s not playing guitar. He is becoming known for his artistic abstract paintings while enjoying the creative process of working with his siblings to create music that doesn’t sound mediocre.

To connect with Jack of None, please visit their website here.

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