Introducing Sebell

“Till The Sun Burns Out” recently received some radio airplay in Canada, which is where Sebell is from–Salmon Arm, British Columbia, or Slammin’ Arm as the locals call it.

Sebell is Greg Sczebel. Almost 30, he has been an active music maker for over a decade, releasing several independent albums, and touring on his own and with Paul Brandt, a Canadian Country music artist.

Sczebel has experienced a transformation as of late, going from boyish looks to the bearded hipster you see below– as if he lived in Brooklyn. Actually, it’s Nashvegas and LaLa Land Los Angeles where the singer-songwriter divides much of his time these days, figuring out the whole Sebell thing.

Unashamed to admit he got his start as a Christian pop music artist (“like Katy Perry and Kings of Leon”), Sebell is Sczebel’s way of trying something new and different with his music career. It’s as if he’s inventing himself all over again– not giving up his faith by any means, but re-imagining who he is in a world full of Mileys and Justins.

Sebell has an amazing Instagram account worth finding and following for dramatic black and white photos.

Sczebel is very artistic in everything he does, from the clothing he chooses to wear, to the outstanding pictures he chooses to share with the world on social media.

Meanwhile, time will tell how Sebell fares in this crazy world we’re living in where albums have been replaced by singles or EPs. Indeed, he’ll probably release an EP this year, and it will undoubtedly contain songs worth listening to. One thing I know from having followed his career for well over ten years is that Greg Sczebel is a true artist who knows how to craft ear candy melodies. He delivers his thoughtful lyrics with a warm tone, consistently reassuring you that everything is going to be alright.

His friendly and kind demeanor may be too nice for the current crop of whack job rappers and divas ruling over Hollywood and the airwaves these days, but it’s my hope that his sound and style carve out a significant niche and fanbase worldwide so Sebell can continue to do what he does best: make great music.

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