Halloween Songs For Parties

Halloween songs
Halloween Haunts

What Halloween songs are there besides “Thriller” and “Monster Mash?”

While Christmas has more songs to choose from than you could ever listen to in one lifetime, there aren’t that many songs for Halloween parties.

For new Halloween songs, how about “3 Evil Ghouls?”

Ryan Erwin, Rachael Feinman, James (Jamey) Vernon, Kevin Martin, Lauren Scheff, and Albert Martino have come up with a smart idea: Halloween Haunts: Halloween songs to die for. Their Halloween Haunts CD, featuring “3 Evil Ghouls,” is an eclectic mix of Halloween songs with different musical styles, from heavy metal to blues, and rock to hip-hop, with a bit of techno for good measure. If you’re having a party this Halloween, you’ll want the Halloween Haunts CD to set the mood– and it’s great for dancing.

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