Musical Spa offers relaxing music like Grand Canyon

Musical Spa brings together a family of New Age composers from around the world dedicated to creating beautiful music for health and wellness. The group’s catalog is comprised of some of the best relaxing music for massage, healing, spa, yoga, meditation and more. Musical Spa’s purpose is to provide listeners with the ultimate relaxation music experience so they can calm the mind, relax and unwind.

Musical Spa

Musical Spa is headed up by Ivan Valles, a musician who graduated from Berklee College of Music. He studied music production and engineering there. Eventually he moved to Miami, where he met his wife Elisa. She’s a graphic designer and photographer. Together they have two beautiful girls and have adopted an “organic lifestyle.”

As they’ve learned different ways to improve their health, the couple agreed that music has been “the best companion we could have asked for in our journey.”

Do you want to reconnect body and soul, as well as release stress from everyday life? Musical Spa’s offerings are focused on health and wellness– they’re designed to make you feel better. Give the song “Grand Canyon,” for instance, a listen and note how it makes you feel–

“Grand Canyon” is just a taste of what Musical Spa has to offer.

Check out their website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hear more songs via their YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for a beautiful recording of Christmas tunes this holiday season, I’d love for you to hear samples of Musical Spa’s Christmas Music release here. Producer Ivan Valles and solo pianists Kendra and Michael Logozar bring together classic songs done in a relaxing, melodic and soothing way that will calm your spirit this season. I especially like the pretty piano work on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”

Should you have any questions, email Ivan at

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