The Good Lovelies

Good Lovelies

A guy I know named Rob told me he loves listening to Canadian radio and he suggested I check out The Good Lovelies for their harmonies. When I typed their name into YouTube, up came their cover of the 2004 rap song by Canadian rapper “k-os“– “Crabbuckit.” Familiar with the original, it was fun hearing the song done by three ladies! Hear it here:

Naturally, I was intrigued. So I visited their website. I learned they’re a Canadian folk trio made up of Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore. Motherhood (or, more specifically “giving birth”) kind of sidelined them in 2016. They’ve played some festivals, including Red Wing Roots Music Festival in Virginia and the Bear Creek Music Festival in Alberta (which is a province in Canada for those of you not from Canada).

I could totally see them singing at Nowhere Else Fest with Over The Rhine. They’ve got that down-on-the-farm and barefoot vibe going, and, best of all, they can sing and when all three chime in together, it’s transcendent.

Next, I watched their documentary. It’s a good way to get an idea of where they were and where they’re headed…

How have they been together for ten years and I’m only learning about them now? When are they going to get famous in America akin to Postmodern Jukebox and Lake Street Dive? Folk and harmony with a Country-twang are “in,” so it’s about time Good Lovelies get known. –Mark Weber

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