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Glen CampbellThe documentary film Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me made me cry. Tears came toward the end of the movie when I heard his song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” At first I was confused– What do you mean I’m NOT gonna miss you? We’re so used to hearing songs that proclaim “I’m gonna miss you.” But with Alzheimer’s disease, Campbell spends his final days literally not knowing his loved ones and hence not missing them.

Goodbye Glen Campbell

Like Johnny Cash bowed out with “Hurt,” Campbell is bowing out with “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” as we see his friends and family deal with his worsening disease. Through it all, for the most part, Campbell is shown with a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humor about the whole thing. His wife and kids stand by him, trying their best to help him even as his memory fades.

Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me captures Campbell on his “Goodbye Tour.” Special appearances include Bruce Springsteen, The Edge, Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Steve Martin, Chad Smith and Bill Clinton among many others. The film is a fitting tribute to a legendary entertainer.

Though I never knew much about Glen Campbell, this film made me laugh and cry and get a glimpse of a man who entertained the world for years, right up until he couldn’t do it any longer. I recommend you see Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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