Free ringtones from Audiko

free ringtonesAttention fellow music lovers: Audiko is a smart service online that allows you to make free ringtones for your iPhone or mobile phone of any kind. You can browse through today’s top hits and pick out pieces from a song that you’d like to hear when people call you up on your phone. Cool. You can even, by the way, choose and download free ringtones to your PC. The song database is searchable by genres, artists, albums and videos.

Do you like pop music? A lot of people are choosing songs like “Sorry” from Justin Bieber to make ringtones. The database of songs to choose from is huge.

Free ringtones

If you want to make ringtones from your own original audio or video file, Audiko allows that, too. You upload your file, use the “cutter” option to pick out the ringtone you’d like from that file, and then you get a mp3 or m4a ringtone for your phone. Nice!

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