Forebear Band

Forebear band does something most bands don’t– it includes vocal harmonies in indie rock, therefore elevating the band’s songs to something other than plain old pop or rock– Forebear makes what I’d call “surreal pop.” Forebear band is like Fleetwood Mac for today.

Who is Forebear band?

Scott Goldbaum (formerly of Wise Cub) leads the band with beautiful and poignant vocals and melodic guitar, while classically-trained Molly Rogers on viola adds a nice touch to the sound. Mike Mussleman (drums) and Nick Chadian (bass) round out the four piece with one of the most impressive rhythm sections in indie rock today. They know how to groove.
forebear bandIndividually, band members have worked with artists/bands including Feist, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Bastille, among others. This diverse roster helps tell me they’ve got the chops needed to pull off surreal pop music for our times.

After only a few months together in 2014, Forebear band quickly caught the attention of famed producer/engineer Scott Gordon (Alanis Morissette, Ringo Starr). He helped make their debut recording, which begins with the ambitious “North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief” and ends with “Pigeons Eat Glass”– memorable song titles, for sure.

“The record talks a lot about bonds between people. If the record is encouraging people to aspire to anything I would say it’s all about finding peace over the course of suffering, being proud of every step taken, reconciling with the fact you don’t have control over everything, calling those things about by name, marinating in them, learning from them, and valuing the catharsis that comes from sharing those experiences for what they were, both dreadful and wonderful,” says Scott Goldbaum. Well said. I’ve got a feeling Forebear will make the playlists of many young people.

If you’re looking for a mixture of soft and hard, classical and rock, then Forebear is the band you should get to know.

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